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Horse adoptions

Horse adoptions - Wild HorsesAre you looking for horse adoptions? Did you know that Sacramento has a Wild Horse program that you can adopt “green-broke” horses from? These horses are part of our American Heritage. The horses that are trained in this program are received from the BLM and trained using natural horsemanship training. If you are looking to adopt or rescue wild horses please consider this great program. By adopting a wild horse/mustang not only are you saving a horse from long term holding facilities but you are also helping to save tax money. According to the BLM – experts estimate $1 billion will be needed to care for the 46,000 wild horses and burros currently in U.S. holding facilities over their lifetime. That doesn’t include the cost of future efforts to shrink the population of the record-67,000 now roaming public lands in 10 western states.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustangs of America Foundation, started the Sacramento Wild Horse Program.  This program is located at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center and will focus on short term holding and a vocational inmate gentling and training program to prepare wild horses for adoption to the public. This is the only wild horse County jail program in the nation.

On September 12, 2014, the program received twenty mustangs from the BLM.  The program hired Joe Misner, an experienced and accomplished trainer of wild horses, as the Ranch Manager and instructor for the offender vocational program.  To support this program, The Mustangs of America Foundation purchased 12 saddles and an assortment of tack to be utilized in this program.  The contract between the program and BLM covers feed, veterinary care and limited supplies. Check back here often for information on upcoming horse adoptions.

Horse Adoptions - Wild Horses

Joe Misner on Horse Athena at the June 11th Adoption.