About Us

After adopting our first Mustang in June of 2016 from a TIP Trainer, Myself and my wife decided we needed additional training and found the R3C program through a Sacramento Bee article highlighting the program. We didn’t know the program existed and figured others didn’t either. We became interested in spreading the word about the horses that are looking for forever homes and the fact that there are Green Broke Mustangs available for adoption in Sacramento California. So, we created a website and Facebook Page and have become liaisons between the program and the adopters. We are not part of the Sheriffs Department or BLM, however we have a private/public relationship with both entities and together help find forever homes for the Mustangs. It is our passion to help educate potential adopters about Mustangs and gather information from other successful adopters in order to help facilitate compatible adoptions and reduce Mustangs from getting returned. You can contact us anytime by clicking here or through our Facebook Page and we will get back to you. We will continue to update the Website & Facebook page with a variety of resources to help adopters be successful after they get home. If you ever attend an adoption look for our shirts and come by to say “Hi”.