Adoption FAQ

What is Friends of R3C – We are a group of individuals that are dedicated to seeing the Wild Horse Program at the Rio Consumes Correctional Center (R.C.C.C.) succeed. Not only do we want to see the success of the inmates and a lower recidivism rate, but we also want to help the Wild Mustangs of our American Heritage find caring and loving homes, in turn saving the tax payers millions of dollars. Our mission is to help promote this program and to educate the public.

What is the program about – In 2014, the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department in conjunction with he Bureau of Land Management started the Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP). The goal is to to help both the Wild Horses as well as inmates. The Mustangs receive care and training from the inmates and are then available for adoption to the public. This helps more than 40,000 wild horses in holding facilities find good homes. The inmates learn valuable social and vocational skills while gentling the Mustangs for adoption.

How much training do the horses actually have –  The horses are “green-broke” and saddle started which means they have received up to 120 days of training by the inmates. These horses will continue to need daily training to reinforce the basics that they have learned. Most of the horses will need an experienced rider.

Can I come out and pick up a horse –  No. Horses are only available through a live adoption/auction event held at the Rio Consumes Correctional Center (R.C.C.C.) or at offsite event locations. You will need to have your application approved by BLM and get a bidders card. You can then bid on the horse you want. Bidding starts at $300.

Can I adopt more than one horse –  Yes. You must meet the requirements from BLM and inform them when you apply. Failing to register to bid for more than one horse will prevent you from being able to adopt more than one. If you want to adopt more than one horse please tell BLM when you register and fill out your application. Your application with the BLM is good for one year after approval.

Can I come out to the ranch –  No. This is a jail with inmates. The general public cannot come out to the jail/ranch. You can visit the ranch during a scheduled live adoption event.

BLM / Adoption Requirements

Providing a home for a wild horse is a challenging and rewarding experience. For qualified individuals, this is a unique opportunity to care for, then own, a “Living Legend” — a symbol of American history — a wild horse.

On adoption day do I have to be present to adopt a wild horse can I send my friend  – You must be present to adopt a wild horse. You cannot send a family member or a friend. The person signing the Private Maintenance and Care Agreement will be the legal adopter and the only person that can apply for title after a year of proper care.

Requirements from BLM

You can click here to download the BLM requirement sheet.

  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Adopted animal must remain in the United States until titled. (Eligibility occurs on its 1 year anniversary.)
  3.  Applicant must have no convictions of inhumane treatment of animals or violation of the Wild Free – Roaming Horses & Burros Act.
  4. Applicant must provide a facility with access tofeed, water, and shelter. NOTE: Facility refers to enclosed area such as corral, barn, stall, etc. Approval is not based on pasture fence height, but the height of the enclosed area.
  5. Applicant must have a facility that meets:

• Minimum of 400 sq. feet of corral space per animal, i.e. 20’ X 20’ (untrained animals)
• Minimum of 144 sq. feet per animal, 12’ X 12’ (trained animals that are exercised daily)
• Suitable materials: pipe panels, wood post, planks (min. 1.5” thick), horse fence ( V Mesh or 2” X 4” square)
• 5’ High for yearling or gentled horse of any age
• 6’ High for an ungentled horse two years or older

• Shelter that meets the minimum requirements chart for wild horses and burros based on the state or region in which the animal resides, unlessotherwise stipulated by the authorized officer – Click here for chart

Transportation – Applicant must provide a stock or horse trailer with a rear swing gate and covered top. Provided the dividers are removed or folded back, slant trailers are acceptable. Drop-ramps are acceptable if there is an additional back gate to the trailer. Two-horse trailers approved on case-by-case basis. No one-horse trailers are allowed.

How much does it cost to adopt – Prices vary widely. The bids start at $300.00. It really depends on how many people are interested in one particular animal. On average expect to pay around $700.00.

Will the BLM take a personal check, do they accept other forms of payment  – The BLM accepts checks, money orders, American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Travelers checks, and cash as payment.

If you have any other questions you didn’t find here please feel free to contact by clicking here.