Mustangs of America Foundation

Mustangs of America Foundation (MAF) is dedicated to promoting mustang and burro adoption, training, facilitating public education, rescue and prevention of cruelty to animals.  MAF  is  committed  to working with the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture and other nonprofit organizations to increase the number of  successful adoptions. Click here to visit their website to learn more

Mustang Heritage Foundation

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a 501 (C)(3), public, charitable, nonprofit organization.

The mission of the Mustang Heritage Foundation is to create and promote programs and activities that provide information and education about wild horses, elevate their image and desirability, provide opportunities to become involved in the wild horse experience and secure adequate numbers of caring homes for excess horses. Working in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management, the Mustang Heritage Foundation is passionate about the successful placement of mustangs into private care so future generations can enjoy this distinctive feature of our American heritage. The Mustang Heritage Foundation has placed over 8,000 mustangs into private care since 2007. Please feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you. Click here to visit their website and read more


Four young Cowboys hatch an outrageous plot to adopt, train, and ride a string of wild mustangs 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada through the wildest terrain of the American West. The trip became an epic journey of self-discovery, tested friendships, and iconic landscapes that included runaway horses, a sassy donkey, perilous mountain passes, rodeos, sickness, injury, and death. Click here to read more about the movie



The Bureau of Land Management manages and protects our nation’s wild horses and burros on 26.9 million acres of public lands across ten western states. The goal of the Wild Horse and Burro Program is to preserve healthy wild horses and burros on thriving public rangelands. Click here to read more

Board of State and Community Corrections

At a rustic ranch in rural Sacramento County patient wranglers learn to coax the wildness out of mustangs, while hoping the animals will one day flourish outside of the corrals that have held them since capture. Click here to read the full article.

West Coast Horsemen

The Sacramento Wild Horse Program (WHP) is a collaboration between the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The goal of the program is twofold: to reduce the amount of horses currently held in BLM holding facilities through training that will allow them to become adoptable to the public, and to rehabilitate the in-custody participants by offering valuable social and vocational skills through the process of gentling these wild horses. Read more 

Capital Public Radio

Wild Horses And Inmates Expected To Learn Important Lessons From New Jail Program — Read More