October Adoption Horses

Howdy - Below are the horses that will be available for Adoption on October 14th. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. We can be reached at admin@friendsofr3c.com .

Fell free to print and post this flier. You can also share it as much as you like.



Athena is a 7 year old Mare out of High Rock, California. She is a Palomino standing at 14.2 HH

Her current trainer has the following to say about her.

“She is a very beautiful and talented horse. Everything came naturally to her, she is quiet and responsive.” ~Dax


This is Blondie a 5 year old Mare out of Red Rock Lakes, California. She Brown and currently stands at 14.3 HH.

Her current trainer has the following to say about her.

“She learns real quick, this is a great mare. One of the fastest to learn that I have trained.” ~Slabbekorn


Cheyenne is a 6 year old Gelding from the Salt Wells Creek, Wyoming HMA. He is a Gray color and stands at 15.1 HH.


His trainer says the following about him.

“Cheyenne likes to take it slow. He will effortlessly walk, trot, lope, 2 track, side step and even walk backwards in circles for you.” ~Collins

Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper - is a 5 year old Mare born in a holding facility in California She is a pretty Sorrel standing at 14.1 HH.


Her trainer says:

“It’s all in the name, Chili Pepper is a high spirited horse who needs a calm, confident leader.” ~Nebel


Cupcake - is a 5 year old Mare that is a Dark Bay out of Owyhee, Nevada. She stands at 15 HH.

Here trainer says:

“Cupcake is a very good horse. She is very calm and responds well.” ~Thonephan


Jill is another Mare that is 6 years old and is out of the High Rock, California HMA. She is a 14.2 HH Bay.

Her trainer has the following to say about her:

“Jill is a wonderful loveable horse. She stops on a dime, lopes very smooth, and trots wonderfully.” ~Compton


Lonestar is a 6 year Black Gelding out of Sand Springs West, Nevada and stands at 15 HH.

His trainer says:

“He is a very unique horse, and very friendly. I like this horse because he is a smooth ride, very mellow, and listens very well.” ~Smith



Rusty is a 7 year old Sorrel Gelding standing 15 HH out of Desatoya, Nevada.

His trainer says : 

“Rusty is a very lovable horse. Once you establish the leadership role with him, you’ll realize he is very smart and had endless potential.” ~Hummer

S.A. Rose

S.A. Rose is a 5 year old Mare born in facility in California. She is a pretty Bay and stands at 14.1 HH.

The trainer has this to say about her:

S.A. Rose  very gentle kind easygoing 5 yr old mare born in Litchfield holding facility  immediate title to adopter is a real beauty. 


Smoky is a 5 year old Gelding from Red Rock Lakes, California. He is a buckskin standing at 14.2 HH.

His trainer says:

“Smoky has been a pleasure to with. His personality is gentle and calm with a willingness to please.” ~Huffman


Stardust is a 6 year Gelding from the Fox Hog, California HMA. He is a buckskin standing at 15 HH.

His trainer says:

“Stardust is a smart, fast, and very lovable horse. He has also taken well to multiple riders.” ~Musselman