Trainer Updates

Here are a few success stories from the R3C program.

Final – Chris Culcasi

At the Wild Horse Program at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center inmates train wild mustangs to become adoptable to the public. Through this process a deep bond forms between horse and inmate and then the possibility for transformation happens. Chris Culcasi, one of the inmates in the program, takes steps out of a criminal life toward a new future. Zephyr, the wild mustang he trained, leads a parallel path. Autumn Payne Sacramento Bee


Part 1 - Chris Culcasi

Chris Culcasi is one of a handful of inmates who have achieved the highest level of natural horsemanship possible at the ranch. The Sacramento Bee is doing a 3 part series, following Chris. 

Part 2 - Chris Culcasi

Chris Culcasi, a former participant of the Wild Horse Program at Rio Cosumnes Correction Center, leaves jail and takes steps toward a new future by taking part in Sacramento Re-entry Program run by Volunteers of America.

Chris Culcasi at the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School

Chris graduates from Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School 5-11-2017

Joe Misner (Ranch Manger R3C) attends Chris Culcasi Graduation from Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School. Way to go Chris!

If you would like to help send a trainer to Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School, please contact us and we will get you connected with PCHS escrow fund. The funds will be used strictly for School tuition. Contact us here