Horses in Training

These are the horses currently undergoing training at the R3C Ranch for the April 8th, 2018 live adoption. If you have any questions at all please contact us here.

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Lonestar (7816) is a 7 year old black gelding out of Sand Springs HMA. He is around 15 HH. He is currently under saddle and progressing nicely. 

Click here to see a video of Lonestar getting some training.



This grey mare is 4 years old and stands at 14.3 HH. She is out of the Centennial HMA out of Kern County in California. 


Sedona is a beautiful sorrel 6 year old mare standing at about 14.1 HH. We will see if we can find out what HMA is she originated out of.


This bay gelding is 7 years of age and originates from the Onaqui HMA. He is around 14.2 HH.



This sorrel gelding is 7 years young from the Pancake HMA. He stands around 14.2 HH.

Calico Kate

This 5 year old mare is out of the Little fish lake HMA. She is chestnut in color.


This mare is my personal favorite. She is from the Little Owyhee HMA.

She stands at 14.3 HH and is a very sweet bay. She has a big engine on her and is a love. She is 6 years old. 

Roany Pony

This little bay roan mare is 5 years old and stands at 14HH. She is out of the Little fish lake HMA.


This mare is 6 years old and is a big 16HH bay form the Red Rock HMA


Information on this mare is coming soon.